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Nicholas Cage in "The Surfer" premieres as a "Midnight Screening"-Entry in Cannes!

Source: Imdb

“The Surfer” starring Nicholas Cage will premiere at the 2024 edition of the Cannes film festival, which makes it the 77th in order. “The Surfer” is a psychological thriller and is directed by Lorcan Finnegan, known for films such as “Nocebo”. The films script is written by Thomas Martin. 


The plot centers around a man  returning to his coastal hometown in Australia, who faces humiliation in front of his teenage son at the hands of a local surfer group, who assert control over the secluded beach that he used to frequent in his youth.


Besides the now legendary Nicholas Cage the film stars Julian McMahon and Miranda Tapsell. “The Surfer” will make its premiere in Cannes in the “Midnight Screening”-category.

Written by D. Bjork


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