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No Hulk solo film will be made

No Hulk solo film will be made. 

Ever since the first Avengers film in 2011, fans across the world have been crying for a Hulk film, but sadly those wishes will never happen.

The news comes as a shock for MCU fans where at a time of Marvel giving a lot of characters their films, trilogy or even TV shows, The Incredible Hulk will not get one.

For reference, these are the list of characters in the MCU, that have a solo film, a trilogy, or even a TV show.

Iron man 

Captain America 


Guardians of the Galaxy

Doctor Strange 


Black Panther 

Captain Marvel


Ms Marvel



Moon Knight

The Eternals 

Shang Chi

Black Widow 


The Falcon and Winter Solider 


And She-Hulk

All of these characters have been their own film or TV show, but yet The Hulk does not. 

This comes after a statement from Kevin Feige himself, how told actor Mark Ruffalo who plays the Hulk the following:

"Kevin [asked me] 'What would you like to do?' He said, 'What would you do if you had a standalone Hulk movie?'" Ruffalo said at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. "And I said, 'Well, I'd like to take him from this raging maniac to kind of this integrated character.' And he said, 'Okay, we'll do that over the course of four movies. We'll never give you a standalone Hulk, let's just get that – I don't mean to burst your bubble… but that's not happening. So, we'll do it over four movies, how's that sound?'" 

The Hulk has already had his standalone movie, released in 2008 called ‘The Incredible Hulk’ however the big green guy was played by Edward Norton and not Mark Ruffalo.

In the TV show, She-Hulk, it’s revealed to us that the Hulk now has a son called Skaar, and the character hasn’t been since.

Ruffalo said that he’s been cast in the upcoming Captain America 4 which is scheduled for release sometime next year. However since this sources claim that the actor ‘misspoke’ and won’t be returning in Captain America: Brave New World. 

The Hulk has been a main character since the first Avengers film and has seen tremendous character growth, however, this has been mainly offscreen. 

For instance, the Hulk was originally unable to control his anger making him turn green whenever needed, however in The Age of Ultron, it’s shown that Black Widow can make the Hulk calm down. 

In Thor Ragnarok, Hulk has been trapped as a fighting warrior but when freed, we don’t get any insight into what happened to him during this time. Due to him being constantly the Hulk for a long period, in infinity war, he cannot turn angry which isn’t explored in the film but raises more questions when in the next film, he’s constantly green. 

In Endgame, the Hulk is now green but also not angry, in the 5 years of the blip, Bruce was able to do this but this was wasn’t shown, he was given the name of ‘Smart Hulk’, and in this film, he saves the universe and burns off his hand. 

Later in She-Hulk, the Hulk now just has a son, we have no idea why or how it even happened because It wasn’t shown.

The main point of this is, that the Hulk has had many remarkable moments shown across The Avengers, but none of them are shown and could easily fit for a solo Hulk film. But yet we won’t be getting one.

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