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Now we know everything about Marilyn Monroe. Next up - Marlene Dietrich.

Diane Kruger is going to portray the legendary German actress and singer in the new Fatih Akin TV-series. Based on the biography “My Mother Marlene” by Dietrich’s daughter, Maria Riva, the five-part series will be titled just “Marlene”. The miniseries chronicles Dietrich’s life as an artist, lover, German emigrant and mother as well as a woman who created her own rules and lived by them, whatever the cost. No dates announced yet. But there’s 5 episodes promised.

“‘Marlene’ will be not only the first series I have written and directed but also the greatest challenge in my film career,” said Akin, the series’ creator in an interview to “Variety”.

Kruger and Akin’s last collaboration was 'In The Fade,' which brought Kruger the best actress prize in Cannes. So this announcement sounds promising. Hope that the audience won’t be offended the same way it happened with the last movie about Marylin Monroe.


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