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Now we know more regarding the Gran Turismo movie!

One of the most popular franchises from Sony is Gran Turismo. A gaming franchise that has sold almost 100 million units worldwide will now be taken to television. Neill Blomkamp will be the one directing.

Now it is time for one new franchise to be transformed from the world of gaming into television. The game we are talking about is Gran Turismo, one of the most popular games on Playstation. What we know is that Neill Blomkamp (most known for District 9, Elysium and Chappie) will direct and the movie will be based on true events. The event is taken from a real event where the story revolves around a player who wants to be a racecar driver and who wins a series of official competitions and sees his dream come true.

Gran Turismo will officially be released 11th of August 2023.


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