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"Oh, Canada". Story about issue rarely portrayed in film to compete for Palme D’Or

Director Paul Schrader's latest film, "Oh, Canada," delves into the life of Leonard Fife, a struggling writer who seeks refuge in Canada during the tumultuous Vietnam War era, evading the looming specter of military conscription.

Bringing together a powerhouse cast, the film features the talents of Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, and Jacob Elordi. Notably, this collaboration marks a reunion between Gere and Schrader since their iconic partnership in the 1980 film "American Gigolo".

Adapted from the esteemed author Russell Banks' novel "Foregone," "Oh, Canada" represents Schrader's second foray into bringing Banks' literary works to the screen, following the critically acclaimed "Affliction" in 1997.

Anticipation mounts as the film is slated to premiere at the prestigious 2024 Cannes Film Festival, vying for the coveted Palme d'Or

Written by David Bjork


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