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One Day: The captivating Netflix romantic drama everyone is talking about

Maddy Pigott

The talented Ambika Mod and charming Leo Woodhall deliver a flawless performance in this extraordinary, bingeable love story that is accompanied by a phenomenal soundtrack.

Based on David Nicholls’ popular novel with the same name, the limited series explores the classic book trope, she fell first but he fell harder. It follows posh southern boy, Dexter, in his friendship and romance with northern working-class girl Emma.

It all begins at the University of Edinburgh with our two protagonists meeting at the final moments of their graduation before spending an eventful night and then morning together. The short 20-to-30-minute episodes each represent a particular year in their lives showing their personal struggles, from extreme highs to extreme lows focusing on the development of their relationship over time for two whole decades.

The compelling acting and impeccable screenwriting shot this series straight to number one on the Netflix English speaking charts with 9.9 million viewers watching last week. The popular series is a book adaptation to rival fan-favorite, Normal People with equally complex, lovable and relatable characters.

In 2011, the same novel was adapted into a film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess which was not so much of a smash hit. Perhaps it was the obvious chemistry between the two lead actors and the charming cinematography of the hot 2020’s version that made it so captivating. Although, I would argue that the layout of the series is also important in its success as it allows watchers to delve deeper into the characters personal lives.

One Day is a show that is, at times, painfully real, unbelievably funny and brutally sad. So, if you haven’t already, give it a watch! Just make sure you have a tissue to hand as it’s definitely an emotional rollercoaster, and you will without doubt fall hard for these characters.



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