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One Perfect Shot, a new kind of documentary!

One Perfect Shot, a new kind of documentary that will be available on HBO Max and have six episodes. In this documentary all movie lovers will be able to watch the likes of Patty Jenkins and Michael Mann among others step right into their own movie scenes.

What if you were able to pause a movie of your choosing in the exact right moment and step right into the screen. This kind of movie magic will finally be able to happen with this new documentary called The Perfect Shot. A series created by Ava DuVernay (Selma, Queen Sugar, Wings of Fire) and is based on a Twitter-account. This account is built upon creating beautiful still images from classic movies, this documentary will take this one step further. This will make it possible for VFX-artists to recreate a stage once more as if there would be a real movie environment in place. A must see for all lovers of movies.

One Perfect Shot will premiere and release all episodes 24th of March on HBO Max. A link to a trailer will be down below.


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