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Oscars films and where to find them…

Surely many of you are trying to catch up on as many Oscar nominated films as possible before the night of March 10th, making your predictions and choosing your favourites.

So here's a summary of where you can find the majority of this years films:

Oppenheimer and Barbie, released at the same time last summer and still being shown in some cinemas, can be rented on Prime video, YouTube, Apple TV or, for just Barbie, Tim vision.

Anatomy of a Fall is still in the theaters of some of the more fortunate countries however, having been released at the end of last year, it is now easier to find it on the usual platforms: in fact it can be rented on Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV+ or Google Play.

American Fiction, recently released in some countries (while still being eagerly awaited in others), can be found on Prime video, where Killers of the Flower Moon, released in cinemas months ago, can also be found.

On the same platform, if you can’t catch it at the cinema, you can also rent (or buy to enjoy again this December) The Holdovers.

Many others were released at the cinema between January and February. In fact, many are still being shown on the big screen including: Poor Things, Past Lives, The Zone of Interest (nominated as best film), Perfect Days (best foreign film) and The Boy and the Heron, nominated in the animation category.

Maestro: the only film nominated among the best to be available on Netflix, being an original film of the platform.

The Snow Society and Nyad, the former nominated for best international film and the latter for the performances of the two lead female actors, are also both available on Netflix, along with a few movies with only one nomination such as: Rustin, El Conde, Nimona, American Symphony, The After and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (the final two in the short films category).

Io Capitano, an Italian film nominated for best foreign film, returned to some cinemas for the Oscars and is available on NowTV; while The Teacher's Lounge, last in the international category, is now arriving in European cinemas.

Finally we have Disney+ where we can of course find the Pixar film Elemental as well as some films nominated for special effects, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and The Creator; for the soundtrack such as Indiana Jones and for the best song Flamin'hot.

Furthermore, there are also the two documentary candidates of The Last Repair Shop and Bobi Wine, while other short films can be found published in The New Yorker.

Let us know your favourites, your unmissable choices and those you’re still waiting to see before this years ceremony.

Written by Olga Raimondo


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