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Pamela Anderson is going to share her side of the story!

Although the show Pam and Tommy is gaining popularity and success on Hulu, Pamela Anderson is on her way to talk about her perspective of the worldwide famous love story she had with Tommy Lee, drummer of Mötley Crüe.

The Hulu show, which was not approved by Anderson, follows the beginning of the iconic romance between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and the leaked tape that tarnished their reputations.

For the actress, the show failed to portray how the events actually happened, and her reaction to the backlash: "Not a victim, but a survivor, alive to tell the real story" is what Pamela handwrote on a postcard announcing her documentary on Netflix.

"An intimate portrait embedded in the life of Pamela Anderson as she looks back at her professional and personal path and prepares for the next steps on her journey.” It's how the logline describes the movie, that will give fans access to real footage about the life and journey of the Baywatch icon.


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