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Paolo Sorrentino’s new masterpiece is about to conquer the screen

‘È stata la mano di Dio’ (‘It was God’s hand’) is the title of Paolo Sorrentino’s brand new film hitting theaters on the 24th of November and debuting on Netflix on the 15th of December. It already gained the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Venice Film Festival (even though many think it should have gained the Golden Lion), three EFA candidatures and it is already given from granted that it will be nominated at the Oscars in the International Films category.

However, these are not the actual reasons to run to the cinema as soon as it is released, but it has been recommended by all critics who described it as a great movie, a huge masterpiece, his most dense piece of work, mature, moving and definitely up to the expectations of the audience when it comes to a director like Paolo Sorrentino.

Set in Naples during the ‘80s, it will tell the story of the 17 years old Fabietto Schisa whose life radically changes after two episodes: the first one is the arrival of Diego Armando Maradona and a severe accident which will endanger his family’s serenity and balance.

His last film ‘La Grande Bellezza’ (‘The Great Beauty’, 2013) won the Oscar in 2014, and it is obvious to think that Mr. Sorrentino may collect it once again with this new masterpiece which bewitched the critics. Afterall, one thing is sure and that is that we must not waste any time as soon as it comes out to enjoy another piece of magic made in Sorrentino.


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