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Paul Walker gets his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is very star studded with their own stars printed on the ground. Every year new stars arrive in the Hall of Fame, in 2023 it is time for Uma Thurman, Jon Favreau, John Waters but Paul Walker is the biggest one of that year to get his name printed.

Paul Walker was only 40 years of age when he passed away in 2013. He started making a name for himself at a very young age but it was with the Fast and The Furious franchise that premiered in 2001 he truly became a star. Walker tragically passed away in a car crash in 2013 and had just finished Fast and Furious 6 and had also began filming number 7 in the series when tragedy struck. Finally though in 2023, almost 10 years after his death he will get his name forever printed into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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