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PAW Patrol's Pawsitively Dominant Box-Office Victory

The past weekends promised a cinematic showdown of epic proportions, with three wildly different films vying for box-office glory – "Saw X," "The Creator," and the adorable "PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie." But as the dust settles, it's the lovable CG-animated pups that are wiping the floor with serial killer Jigsaw and the visually stunning "Creator" VFX.

(The Hollywood Reporter)

Reports suggested that Paramount's "PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie" was poised to fetch a cool $6.5 million on Friday, setting the stage for an impressive $22 million opening weekend. That's nearly double the debut of the first film in 2021, marking their ascent to box-office royalty.

While the pups are running ahead, the competition isn't slacking off either. Fueled by rave franchise reviews, Lionsgate's "Saw X" is still on track for a commendable $17.5 million weekend, though it falls slightly short of early overzealous predictions.

Gareth Edwards' "The Creator," on the other hand, is creating its own magic, targeting a $15-16 million weekend, showcasing the power of cinematic innovation.

Meanwhile, Sony's "Dumb Money" may be, well, living up to its title. It struggled with a mere $1 million on Friday and is expected to eke out just $3 million this weekend, finding itself well outside the top five.

Completing the weekend roster, "The Nun 2" and "A Haunting in Venice" are expected to carve out their own spots in the top five, with $5 million and $4 million respectively.

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