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Pedro in Serious Talks to Bend Reality as Mr. Fantastic in MCU’s Fantastic Four

Hold onto your stretchy pants, Marvel fans, because Pedro Pascal, the man with the charisma of a thousand galaxies, is in serious talks to become the brainy and bendy Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four reboot. Move over, Krasinski and company, because this is shaping up to be a Pascal party!

After a whirlwind of rumors featuring names like Krasinski, Driver, Gyllenhaal, and Smith, it seems Pascal has stretched his way to the front of the pack. Sorry, John, your multiversal Mr. Fantastic cameo ended quicker than a Snapchat streak after meeting Wanda Maximoff.


Pedro Pascal, the busiest man in Hollywood right now (seriously, does this guy ever sleep?), is juggling gladiators in Malta and gearing up for round two of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. Marvel's clearly thinking, "Who better to lead our rebooted superhero family than the man who can do it all?"

In the ever-evolving Marvel universe, where directors come and go like superhero sidekicks, Matt Shakman has taken the helm after Jon Watts bid adieu. Marvel's feeling the pressure post-Endgame, and with Pascal potentially leading the charge, the stakes have never been higher. Move over, box office flops—here comes Pascal to save the day!


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