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People will leave the theatre within 5 minutes!

These are the words by David Cronenberg when describing his new movie Crimes of the Future. Words both describing what we have to look forward to when watching but also a certain way to bring interest and maybe some controversy both to and for the movie.

David Cronenberg's last movie came 8 years ago with Maps to the Stars and is most known for Scanners, The Fly, Naked Lunch etc. Cronenberg’s new movie Crimes of the Future seems to take us back to the horror genre. Crimes of the Future takes us to the future where pain has almost completely disappeared. While searching for new kicks people decide to treat themselves to new extreme operations in order to better their bodies. According to Cronenberg it will most likely raise eyebrows but also scare some of the audience away when watching.

Crimes of the Future premieres 25th of May 2022.


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