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Plans for the ‘Wizard Oz’ remake have begun

Director Kenya Barris has announced his ideas for his  ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘It's a Wonderful Life’ reboots. 

One aim of the remake will be to include LGBTQ representation to “reflect the world” Barris told Variety.

Wizard Oz

(Credits to Fox 8 News)

“The original was an allegory and a reflection of the way the world was at the time with things like the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl,” Now we’re going to turn a mirror on where we’re at right now and take disparate characters from the LGBTQ community, from different cultural communities and socioeconomic communities, and tell a story that reflects the world. I think this is the best time to do that.” Barris continues to say.

A 10-part T will follow a young girl who lives in Bottoms, which is an apartment complex located in Inglewood, California. 

Are you excited for the reboot?

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