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Presley Returns to the Silver Screen: Following Priscilla this time

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Austin Butler received critical acclaim for his charismatic performance in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis, earning him his first Oscar nomination at the 95th ceremony. This time around we'll follow the late Elvis partner Priscilla. Enter Sofia Coppola and her biopic titled, fittingly, Priscilla.

Sofia Coppola and the cast, including Cailee Spaeny in the lead role as Priscilla and Euphorias own Jacob Elordi as Elvis, are attending the 80th Venice Film Festival with the real Priscilla Presley. Presley was moved to tears at the Venice Film Festival press conference stating "It's very difficult seeing a movie about your life. I think Sofia did an amazing job.".

Sofia Coppola, the acclaimed director behind films like Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides, has once again captured the essence of an iconic figure in her latest cinematic venture. This eagerly awaited movie delves into the life and times of a woman whose story is as captivating as the King of Rock and Roll himself. The movie will have its premiere at the festival and later on be released in UK cinemas on December 26, 2023.



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