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Rage of Gucci! The family releases a formal declaration against Ridley Scott’s film!

While Ridley Scott’s film is debuting these days in the US, ‘House of Gucci’ will hit Europe on the 16th of December and it’s definitely one of the most awaited of the season! However, Aldo Gucci’s heirs sent an open letter to the production just a few days before its release.

In this letter, the family condemns Scott’s work saying it mines the family’s dignity also including a veiled threat to turn to their lawyers to safeguard their respectability and image. On the matter, following some other critics moved by Patrizia Gucci who accused the director of “having stolen the identity of the family in order to gain profits” when interviewed by the BBC and asked about Miss Gucci’s words, Scott affirmed that “I’m not going to let them drag me into this! You must remember that one of the Guccis was murdered; while another one went to prison for tax fraud, so they shouldn’t be lecturing me about gaining profits. When you do such things, you become public knowledge!”

Despite the shadows hiding among Gucci’s precious, coloured and refined fabrics, we can’t wait to watch Ridley Scott’s work as it appears to be a proper masterpiece.

You can check the trailer here: <>


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