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Rebecca Ferguson, SaraKlara Hellstrom and others succeed at the Göteborg Film Festival!

The swedish winners at this year's Gothenburg International Film festival that was held in 2022 were: Rebecca Ferguson received the Nordic Honorary Dragon Award, SaraKlara Hellstrom won for Bromance, Alexander Abdallah and Mustafa Al-Mashhadani won for We were kids then and Felix Herngren won for Day by Day.

This was the 45th edition of The Gothenburg International Film festival since it started in 1979 and there have been a lot of Swedish award recipients since then.

This year was no different, this year four awards were handed out to Swedish contributions. The awards that were handed out were the Nordic Honorary Dragon Award to Rebecca Ferguson. Best short movie of the year (also known as Startsladden) was handed out to SaraKlara Hellstrom for Bromance, best short movie (Startsladden) went to Alexander Abdallah and Mustafa Al-Mashhadani for We were kids then. Last but not least the Angelos Award from the Swedish church went to Felix Herngren for the movie Day by Day.

This year's Gothenburg's International Filmfestival was held between 28th of January-6th of February 2022.


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