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Review "Megalopolis": Exclusive Video at Cannes 2024


During the 77th edition of the iconic Cannes Film Festival, we witnessed the world premiere of some of the biggest films, including Francis Ford Coppola's MEGALOPOLIS. Onepress TV was there to capture these unique moments. We made a short video so you don't miss out on what went on at the red carpet and the press conference, and to give you an idea about the movie.

About the Film:

When an architect aspires to turn a city into an American ideal, there will inevitably be romantic, political, and personal problems. These tensions are shown in the film. BBC compares it to listening to someone tell you about the crazy dream they had last night, and they don't stop talking for well over two hours. Saying the film will test the patience of everyone else.

The Red Carpet:

Among the well-known celebrities who styled designer ensembles on the red carpet were Greta Gerwig, Aubrey Plaza, Nathalie Emmanuel, Adam Driver, and others. Take a look at the following video from the "Megalopolis" red carpet premiere for more.


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