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Review "Oh Canada": Exclusive Video at Cannes 2024

During the 77th edition of the iconic Cannes Film Festival, we witnessed the world premiere of some of the biggest films, including Paul Schrader's OH CANADA. Onepress TV was there to capture these unique moments. We made a short video so you don't miss out on what went on at the red carpet and the press conference, and to give you an idea about the movie.

About the Film:

The movie is about a renowned Canadian documentary filmmaker, facing a terminal illness, gives a final interview to a former student, revealing the full truth about his life. This confession is captured on film in the presence of his last wife. According to The Guardian, the movie appears to circle endlessly around its own emotions and ideas without closing in.

The Red Carpet:

Director Paul Schrader presented the world premiere of 'OH CANADA' starring Richard Gere, Uma Thurman and Jacob Elordi, on Friday, May 17 at the Grand Théâtre Lumière. Below is the video we made at the red carpet, Take a look!

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