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Ryan Gosling to Join Margot Robbie in New ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Movie

Filming for the upcoming Ocean's Eleven movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is about to start. The heist franchise's future is shifting in a different way. Robbie was selected to star in the lead of an Ocean's Eleven prequel film set in 1960s Europe in May 2022. Gosling soon joined the cast, reuniting with Margot after the new Barbie movie. What is more, after working together on the 2019 film Bombshell, Margot Robbie and director Jay Roach will once again collaborate on the upcoming Ocean's movie.

The new Ocean's Eleven movie does not yet have a release date. However, filming is scheduled to begin in a few months. The film probably won't be released until the summer of 2024. In the meantime, viewers may catch Robbie and Gosling in the highly awaited Barbie film, which will be released in theaters on July 21, 2023.

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