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Silvester Stallone announces his farewell to ‘The Expendables' saga

A few days ago, on his Instagram account, ‘Rocky’ star Sylvester Stallone, announced his goodbye to the iconic ‘The Expendables’ saga with a bittersweet taste video. It was shot on the set of the saga and the actor told his audience that, with his last shooting day in London, he was going to say goodbye to his character Barney Ross. After 12 years, Sly decided to end it with one of the greatest cinema successes of the last decade, starting from the very first film in 2010, of which he was also the director; the second in 2012 and the third one in 2014, with Simon West and Patrick Hughes as directors.

In his video, the actor declared that:

“It’s time to move on. I am enjoying the last day, but it is always a bittersweet sensation. I am ready to pass the torch to Jason [Statham], in his capable hands. The most beautiful thing is being able to entertain the audience, maybe with a small message even, in my successful films, a touch of humanity. The action is relatively important, you have it in front of you, it explains itself. But it is about being able to relate with the audience in a way that allows them to identify themselves both with the characters and their mission.”

As for his future, Sly will be in ‘Samaritan’, now in post-production, a film about an out of commission superhero; and another dystopian futuristic action movie called ‘Little America’. On the other hand, ‘The Expendables 4’ will be released in all theatres in 2022.

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