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Squid Game 2 has officially been announced!

History was made last year after the release and MASSIVE success of the Netflix Original series Squid Game. The Korean show became the most streamed content on the platform and became the biggest Asian hit in the whole world.

After the release in September 2021, and many Golden Globe nominations and one won by Oh Yeong-su, Netflix announced its return.

It doesn't come as a surprise, however, the creator left an intense and grateful note to all the fans of the show.

We don't know any details yet but it's gonna took a long time for sure. However, Netflix is gonna gave us something to taste.

Squid Game is becoming a reality show: there's no death involved in the process however the prize is up to 4,56 million dollars. Squid Game: the challenge is the name of the show that's gonna contain the cookie challenge and the other ones in the show!


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