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‘Squid Game 2’: it is now official!

Hwang Dong-hyuk was forced to officially announce it after journalists have been putting him in the corner: it is now official, there will be ‘Squid Game 2’. Given the fact that Netflix was not keen on confirming the news, the corean director confirmed that “there will surely be a second season”. He also added that he did not really have much choice because “there was so much pressure, so much demand and love from the audience for a second season, that now it looks like I really didn’t have a choice to make!”

This new chapter is now under construction, but the director affirmed that the protagonist of the series Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) will be coming back on the set of the second season and he even added that his role will be way more important than the first season. In fact, the director said that “he will be doing something for the whole world” without giving very much detail about what or how.

Despite the very little information we have on this second season, we will be following any step they are going to make to make sure we can keep you up to date, so do not forget to keep checking on us!

Well, what can we say? Let the game begin once more!


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