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Sweden's Noomi Rapace is one member of this year’s jury in Cannes!

Thierry Frémaux is the one in charge when it comes to deciding what movies that are shown in Cannes at the film festival. This year one member of the jury is Noomi Rapace, Rapace together with eight more members ultimately decides what movies are the best.

This year only 25% of the movie contributions were sent in from women, although better than year’s before. But to balance this somewhat there are five women in the Cannes-jury this year. One of these is Sweden’s Noomi Rapace who said that this is a dream come true. Sitting next to Asghar Farhadi at the podium Rapace said:

Movies are the world's strongest artistic way to express yourself, getting to watch movies for two weeks by people I admire the most. A dream that has come true and here I am able to sit next to one of my idols, Rapace said while referring to Farhadi.

Rapace is one of the member’s of this year’s jury who decides what movies are the best at this year’s film festival in Cannes. The other member’s are Vincent Lindon, Asghar Farhadi, Rebecca Hall, Ladj Ly, Jeff Nichols, Deepika Padukone, Jasmine Trinca and Joachim Trier.

This year’s film Festival started 17th of May and ends 28th of May.


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