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Take a look at the new Sex Pistols by Danny Boyle!

Danny Boyle never misses. This time he got his hands on the new series about the sensational 70s band The Sex Pistols. Based on the memoir by Steve Jones, the show will follow the four crazy years that marked the birth, the fame, and the fall of one of the greatest British rock bands of all time.

The story is centered on the guitarist Steve Jones and his memory of their journey: the band was indeed founded by Jones, Paul Cook, John Rotten, and Glen Matlock, later replaced by the iconic Sid Vicious. Characterized by anarchism and antimonarchism attitude in their lyrics, The Sex Pistols broke the records in the punk movement with tracks like “God save the Queen”, which was banned from every radio station. With only one album under the belt titled Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols, the band skyrocketed into historic fame in three years and then decline after the death of Sic Vicious for overdose.

The cast of Pistol is made up of Toby Wallace as Jones, Jacob Slater as Paul Cook, Anson Boon as John Rotten, Christian Lees as Glen Matlock, Louis Partridge as Sid Vicious, and Games of Thrones Maisie Williams as Jordan.

The show, officially described as “The story of a band of spotty, noisy, working-class kids with ‘no future,’ who shook the boring, corrupt Establishment to its core, threatened to bring down the government, and changed music and culture forever.” will be available on Disney+ on May 31. In the meantime take a look at the new trailer!


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