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“The Banshees of Inisherin” wrapped up Helsinki International Film Festival “Love & Anarchy”.

While others anticipate the premiere of Martin McDonagh's film, the Helsinki crowd was lucky to get an early view of the probable Oscars contender at @helsinkifilmfestival. Colin Farrell and Brendon Glisson are back 15 years later. Last time we saw them together in a movie “In Bruges” by the same Martin McDonagh.

Friends in real life, they play two men (Colm and Padraic) whose friendship abruptly ends when one decides the other is simply too dull. The reason for the conflict is Colm's newfound interest in making music: He’d rather be with his fiddle than waste time with his ex-friend.

The picture, which at the beginning only seems like a slightly ridiculous comedy, at some point becomes dark and twisted. In the end, it is a philosophical story about the power of art and the simplicity of people who are unable to appreciate it. It is also a study of friendship, and not only between people, but also with animals. Animals in the film, by the way, perfectly cope with their roles.

Watching the characters of Brendan Glisson and Colin Farrell is a great pleasure. Farrell, who is known for his "bad guy" roles, is sure to surprise the viewer. “The Banshees of Inisherin” premieres in cinemas on 21 October.

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