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The Boys 4: A New Bloody Season Coming Soon, What to Expect From the New Episodes.

Amazon Prime - The Boys 4

After a long wait of two years, we are now at the end, fans of the series haven’t got to wait any longer.

There are just a few days left until we see the beloved evil superheroes of The Boys return with new characters, greater introspection, political tension, black humor, unlimited violence and increasingly crazy stories in a world out of control.

With a scary trailer they left us all breathless. It shows us a much-loved new entry: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan from Walking Dead), alongside Karl Urban's Butcher, and then closes with a very strong image of the Patriot covered in blood and offal. 

From what the actress who plays the character of Starlight told us, in the fourth season viewers will have the opportunity to go a little deeper with the characters, better understanding their stories and motivations, their construction and ultimately making us appreciate them more than we would expect. “Pretty much anything can happen, and I would just say anything could happen,” the actress confirmed.

Apparently that's the only certainty: each season of The Boys is stronger than the previous one. This rule was also confirmed by Simon Pegg, who plays Hughie Campbell's father in the series. “You know how crazy The Boys is, right? It's going to get even crazier... It's going to be amazing. You will like it".

The Boys 4

As for the plot, there are no spoilers yet and considering that the story of the series has often diverged from the graphic novel, one cannot make any certain predictions. One thing we are quite sure of is that, to better understand the fourth season, it will be better to also see the Gen V spin-off, as there will certainly be some crossovers.

Naturally there will be great returns, especially with regards to the main characters that we have known in the previous seasons, a new Jeffrey Dean Morgan but not only that, in fact other characters will be introduced, some of the most ruthless and violent, but which will certainly win over many spectators.

Don't miss the new episodes that will be streaming on the Amazon Prime platform from Thursday 13 June 2024, when the first three episodes will be released, followed by a new episode every week, until the epic season finale on Thursday 18 July.


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