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‘The Christie Affair’ a miniseries about that time Agatha Christie disappeared

The British screenwriter Juliette Towhidi, authoress of ‘Testament of Youth’, is currently co-operating with Miramax Television to develop ‘The Christie Affair’, a miniseries based on the homonymous novel in which the author Nina de Gramont takes us back to the days when the famous writer Agatha Christie disappeared.

The series is set at the end of 1926 when Agatha’s husband, Archie, asked her for a divorce admitting to having another woman. At this point, the author disappeared leaving behind only a letter for her secretary saying that she would be going to Yorkshire. However, during the following 11 days, no notice of her came across, while her car was found in a gypsum quarry. In the book, the story is told from Nan O’Dea’s point of view, Archie’s mistress, who unexpectedly becomes a very close friend and ally of Agatha’s.

The prospect of this plot is very intriguing, shifting from an analysis of women’s inner universe to a mysterious murder. In a press release, Marc Helwing from Miramax declared that “Nina de Gramont wrote a surprisingly intelligent novel, layered and engaging, offering a fascinating look to the incredible and peculiar story of Agatha Christie’s missing”.


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