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The first trailer for Netflix new “Spiderhead” has been released!

Netflix has now released a new trailer for their new movie “Spiderhead”. “Spiderhead” is described as a futuristic prison thriller that is directed by Joseph Kosinski (recently directed Top Gun: Maverick) and stars Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller (also from Top Gun) among others.

Joseph Kosinski who has just directed Top Gun: Maverick has also directed a new movie for Netflix called “Spiderhead”. This movie will be released this summer where a new trailer has just been released This movie revolves around a relatively close but different future where criminals are able to get shortened penalties if they agree to participate in medical experiments. Experiments where psychedelic drugs are involved. When two of the prisoners form a special bond to each other their trip takes a different turn, at the same time as boundaries for the new experiment start to be challenged more and more.

Spiderhead premieres on Netflix 17th of June. There will be a link to a trailer down below.


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