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The Iranian movie A Hero seems to have been plagiarised!

Ashgar Farhadi, the man behind the successful Iranian movie A Hero seems to have been plagiarised from one of his former students. An Iranian court has confirmed Farhadi has stolen parts of a documentary from Azadeh Masihzadeh (his former student) and her project called All Winners, All Losers.

Ashgar Farhadi, the man behind Le Passe, The Salesman, Todos lo Saben (Everybody Knows) and his latest A Hero, parts of that has been plagiarised. In March one of his former students, Azadeh Masihzadeh, sued Farhadi for plagiarism of her documentary All Winners, All Losers. This documentary was made during one of Farhadis film courses, she did not get the credit for her idea, Farhadi claimed this was true but made his own research. Farhadi has now been accused of plagiarism by an Iranian court and a second judge will now decide Farhadis fate. Farhadi may be forced to return the income the movie makes and might also be going to jail.


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