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The most scandalous premiere at Venice Film Festival: Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t worry darling”.

All eyes in Venice on the film, which stars Florence Pugh and pop idol Harry Styles’ first major starring role. “Don’t Worry Darling” is the second movie of the actress Olivia Wilde as director.

In this thriller, Styles and Pugh play a married couple who considers themselves happy, until the wife notices some weird things in the world around her. She gets deja vu, while often unable to recall recent events from her life.

Good or bad, but the film has been surrounded by scandals since its announcement. First, the role played by Harry Styles was originally intended for Shia LaBeouf, but he dropped out of the project because of the sexual abuse scandal. LaBeouf contradicted Wilde’s claims, telling Variety that he wasn’t fired, but that he quit because there wasn’t sufficient time to rehearse. Anyway, Olivia Wilde offered the role to Harry Styles (press often writes about their serious relationship) - and when he confirmed his participation, according to her interviews, she danced from happiness.

But Florence Pugh doesn’t seem so enthusiastic. The rumors has it that she had been paid less than a third of what her male co-star made ($700,000 to Styles’ $2.5 million, reportedly).

Well, after all this information we definitely want to see the movie. Aren’t we?

And after Venice “Don’t Worry Darling” will arrive at the Helsinki International Film Festival @helsinkifilmfestival.

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