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The movie Eraser will get a reboot this summer, “Eraser: Reborn”!

The slightly forgotten movie Eraser from 1996 with Arnold Schwarzenegger that was will now get a reboot this summer, “Eraser: Reborn”. This movie was secretly shot in the summer of 2021 but will not be released in theatres this year but will go straight to streaming.

In the movie from 1996 we get to know Eraser (also the title of the movie and played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) where he works as a witness protection specialist. He becomes a more advanced bodyguard for Lee (played by Vanessa Williams). Eraser is armed with high technological weapons and in the making of uncovering a big conspiracy.

In this new version we get to meet U.S Marshal Mason Pollard (played by Dominic Sherwood), a specialist in engineering fake deaths of certain witnesses who leave no trace of existence.

Eraser: Reborn will be released on streaming in the U.S 7th of June. Link to a trailer will follow below.



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