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The next chapter of “Mission: Impossible” cost $290 million dollars

"Mission: Impossible 7" (scheduled for July 2023) cost about 100 million more than "Mission: Impossible-Fallout" (2018).

This is due to the interruption of filming due to the numerous lockdowns, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in the various countries where the film was to be shot. Production stopped 7 times.

In February 2020, principal photography was due to begin in Venice but the stop came immediately. A sequence was supposed to take place during the famous Carnival of the city but at the same time all of Northern Italy closed for Covid. So, the troupe moved to Rome but the increase in infections ruined plans again.

Transport costs have also been added to numerous countries where the film is set: the United Kingdom, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, crews also had to be paid during quarantines and forced stops. It is therefore no wonder that they nearly reached $300 million.


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