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The Power of the Dog owns one of Netflix’s historical records!

After all the recognitions at the Golden Globes, The Power Of The Dog by Jane Campion starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Kodi Smith-McPhee and Kirsten Dunst hits a special record for a Netflix produced film: no other production of the company had ever gained 21 prizes as best movie (in this case, we are referring to 2021). In fact, it was thanks to the recognition by the North Dakota Film Critics that the project was able to gain the record.

Before it, it was Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma to hold the record as the Netflix produced film with most won prizes as best film, holding 20 titles. However, being the detentor of such a record, does not automatically imply that it will gain the Oscar as Best Picture but still… anything can happen while the Academy is voting. In spite of that, it is now obvious that Netflix’s productions keep gaining more and more cinematographic authority in spite of the fact that the platform offers a completely different experience than the one you can have at the theatre.

Will The Power Of The Dog succeed where colossals like Roma, The Irishman and Mank failed? Will it win the Oscar? I guess we only have a few days left before we can find out!


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