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“The real Charlie Chaplin”

The award-winning team of Peter Middleton and James Spinney, creators of the amazing Hollywood actor portrait “Listen To Me, Marlon” and the heart wrenching and profound documentary “Notes On Blindness” has done it again!

To this day the world adores the brilliant, iconic artist behind the child-like, bumbling vagrant dressed to impress in a black suit, bowler hat and a cane. But who was the man beneath the bowler hat? Did anybody really know Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr.? Some say he was always in character. Perhaps due to a devastating childhood laced with abandonment, poverty and hardships - being sent to a workhouse twice before age nine as only one of his many rough starts in life.

In this innovative, elegant, partly dramatized blend of previously unknown audio recordings, interviews and Chaplin’s personal archive, we are given new perspectives and insights of the controversial and groundbreaking visionary once the most famous man in the world. The untold rise and fall of a true Hollywood royalty.

Cinemas across the UK and Ireland will have the privilege of premiering this film on February 18th next year! As for the rest of us cinematic devotees of the world, not at all being bitter about it, will just sit over here tapping our fingers impatiently.


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