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SAG-AFTRA-Strike Officially Over

After 118 days, SAG-AFTRA confirms that the actors strike has officially ended after reaching a new three year old tentative deal with the studios.

The WGA gave their congratulations to SAG-AFTRA "When workers are united, they win!". According to Deadline, major blockbusters that may begin filming in the next week or very near future include: 'Venom 3', 'Deadpool 3' (50% complete), 'Beetlejuice 2' (2 days of filming left) and 'Gladiator 2' (90 mins already shot).

Union president Fran Drescher called the agreement "historic" and the studios said the agreement “represents a new paradigm” for Hollywood, TV and the actors. Drescher posted on Instagram, celebrating the new agreement. “We did it!!!! The Billion+ $ Deal! 3X the last contract! New ground was broke everywhere! Ty sag aftra members for hanging in and holding out for this historic deal!”

SAG-AFTRA says their new deal, valued at $1 billion, includes:

  • A streaming participation bonus

  • "Above pattern" minimum compensation increases

  • Substantial increases for pension & health caps

  • Pay increases for background actors

  • Contract provisions for consent & compensation from AI.


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