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The Sarajevo Film Festival is starting today!

This year’s BH FILM program is organized by the Association of Filmmakers of Bosna and Herzegovina and is in its 16th edition at the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival. This year 52 film will be presented: 7 feature narrative films, 12 feature documentaries, 2 omnibus, 17 short fiction and documentaries and 14 student films.

Sarajevo Film Festival is introducing a new regular award this year to promote gender equality inte the European film industry 2021. The award is Special Award For Promoting Gender Equality, which is sponsored by MasterCard. This Festival showcases around 230 films each year, and this year they want to put the spotlight on female filmmaker's debuts.

This year the Festival will also pay a tribute to director Wim Wenders and honour him in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the art of film. Wim wnders will be presented with the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award and honoured with a retroactive of his selected works in the programme ”Tribute to”


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