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The story behind ‘Matrix: Resurrections’

Only a few days left before ‘Matrix: Resurrections’ hits the theaters of the world on the 1st of January. Co-producer James McTeigue told Collider the story behind the making of Matrix’s new chapter and what were Warner Bros’ plans for one of the most famous stories in the sci-fi universe, which first came to life more than 20 years ago.

McTeigue was assistant director of Lana & Lily Wachowski for the first 3 Matrix and during his interview, he explained how this new chapter was inevitable, even if Mrs. Wachowski did not come forward to take this universe back in her hands. As a matter of fact, he explained that when there is such a huge franchise, with huge economic potential, it ends up being constantly on everybody’s mouth. According to him, there is infinite material to always develop and update stories so it is easy for production houses to make very good money while telling new stories. Even though it may look like cash is the only reason behind this revival, he assured that it was not since there were several versions on the table and nobody was able to make a choice. At that point, he said that it was Lana’s choice to make and when she picked no one had anything against it. After all, she is the author of the whole universe.

While we wait to know if this new story will be appreciated by the long-time fans of the series, the Wachowski sisters had their own personal reasons to come back on the set, and they go way beyond money. For Lana, going back there meant having the power to “resuscitate” a happy moment of her life, while for Lily retracing her past was wrong. Who was right? Well, I guess we will find out very soon.

You can see the trailer here: <>

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