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The winners of this year's Swedish gala ”Kristallen”

”Kristallen” is the official Swedish television award. The award is instituted to stimulate the production of television shows with high content, artistic and technical quality and to give the Swedish television industry an opportunity to exchange experience by the productions of the shows.

On Friday 27th this month the ”Kristallen gala” went off in Sweden. The Gala was broadcasted by SVT, the 4th year in a row. This year they handed out 21 ”kristaller” during the live broadcast from Cirkus in Stockholm.

One of the winners was ”Tunna Blå Linjen” for this year's tv-drama. ”Greta” as this year's documentary show. ”Årets Dokusåpa” won the prize of this year's reality show. ”Spökjakt” on Discovery + won the Viewer’s favorite show. Even the international Netflix series "Snabba Cash" won a prize at the gala.


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