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They will return for Scream 6!

There will be a Scream 6 and in this movie many of the survivors from the earlier movies are returning. The sixth edition of the very popular franchise will start shooting this summer and many of the survivors will return and again meet their worst fear, Ghostface.

When Scream premiered in 1996 it in many ways revived the franchise of horror and gore, With the horror genre being at somewhat of a stalemate this was something new and fresh. Since then the town of Woodsboro has had its fair share of murderers, not just one but sometimes two and the town have lived in fear of Ghostface. Now that Scream 6 is on its way many of the survivors from the earlier movies are returning and will once more face their fears of meeting their fate in the shape of Ghostface.

Scream 6 will if everything goes according to plan premiere 31st of March 2023.


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