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Things you might not know about Emma Stone

Here are six curious facts you probably didn't know about the life as actress Emma Stone who recently, during the 96th edition of the Academy Awards, took home her second Oscar win. 

1. She was not born as Emma but as Emily. Emily Jean Stone decided to change her first name when she discovered that another actress already existed with the name Emily Stone (a colleague of hers who however, did not have the same great success as Emma). 

2. Although her red hair seems natural, she was born a blonde and decided to try this second color on the advice of Judd Apatow, producer of the film Superbad (2007).

3. When she was eleven she left school to devote herself to theater acting and was educated from home, taking singing and dancing courses, while when she was twenty she had to learn to play the bass guitar for her role in the film The Rocker (2008). 

4. After years of panic and anxiety attacks, Stone discovered that she suffered from asthma in a bizarre way: she was in fact filming a fake sex scene in the film Easy Girl (2010), while she had to move, scream and jump on the bed.

5. When she won her first Oscar for La La Land (2016), she was presented with the statuette by Leonardo DiCaprio, winner of the previous edition for The Revenant (2015) as well as being a great celebrity crush of Emma, ​​who is a big fan of Titanic and saw it seven times at the cinema.

6. Among the various fears such as needles and spiders, on the set of Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) she discovered a less predictable one... in fact, she had to use a stunt double for the scene in which Ryan Gosling lifts her. She discovered that she was afraid of being lifted into the air (probably due to the fact that she had had an accident as a child which seems to have traumatized her) and therefore gave up the Dirty Dancing style lifting, a position for which many would have paid to be in. 

Congratulations to another well deserved win. The world is standing by to witness what direction this incredible actor will take her career in.

written by Olga Raimondo


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