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This new horror-comedy might put dating in a whole different perspective!

There is a new horror comedy called Fresh that might put dating in a different perspective once you saw it. The critics seem to really enjoy it and with around 80% positive on Rotten Tomatoes this might be well worthwhile to watch.

If you have horror with a lot of blood in a movie you don't always assume this is in reality also a romantic comedy about modern dating. But if you mix them together you might be in for a very pleasant surprise. This movie is about Noa (played by Daisy Edgar-Jones), a single young woman who is very bored with the guys she dates. One day she meets the very charismatic Steve (played by Sebastian Stan) at the grocery store and they start dating. But when they go away for a romantic weekend Noa gets to witness more frightening sides of Steve.

Fresh premiered on Hulu 4th of March, you can also stream it on Disney+ from 4th of March.


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