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Three Swedish directors in contention for The Golden Palm at Cannes movie festival!

At the 75th edition of Cannes movie festival there are three directors from Sweden in contention for awards. The directors that are in contention are Ruben Ostlund, Ali Abbasi and Tarik Saleh.

Throughout history during the Cannes movie festival (this year will be the 75th edition) there have been both Swedish contenders but also winners. One of these is Ruben Ostlund who in 2017 won the Golden Palm for his movie The Square. This year Ostlund is in contention for the highest award again at Cannes for his movie The Triangle of Sadness. Also in contention this year is Ali Abbasi for his movie Holy Spider and Tarik Saleh for his movie Boy From Heaven. All three are very strong contenders for the Golden Palm and it’s very much possible we will have a Swedish winner in 2022.

Cannes film festival takes place between 17th-28th of May 2022.


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