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“Tiger King” is coming back with season 2!

The binge-worthy docuseries Tiger King returns to Netflix on 17th November for all the madness and mayhem fans out there! Watched by millions in the early days of the pandemic, The drama-heavy docuseries quickly became a global sensation. In the first season we witnessed the deeply interrelated network of big cat conservationists and collectors in the United States, as well as the private zoos and animal sanctuaries that they set up for the public display and care of these animals. Centring upon the eccentric figure of Joe Exotic, owner of the G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma, Tiger King focuses on Joe’s extremely antagonistic relationship with his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin, an animal activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue. Later events recorded in the series lead to Joe’s conviction for conspiring to murder Baskin as well as for accusations of illegally killing endangered tigers to make room for new exotic animals.

The trailer for the new season features the footage of Joe Exotic on a call from jail as well as interviews with Baskin and introduces new characters to the Tiger King story. According to a tweet from Netflix, Tiger King 2 “promises just as mayhem and madness” as the first one!


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