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Timothée Chalamet gives up a sneak peek as the iconic ‘Willy Wonka’

Just a few days ago, Timothée Chalamet gave his Instagram followers an unexpected picture behind the scenes of his new film ‘Wonka’ playing the iconic character. The Oscar nominated actor , now out on the screens with ‘Dune’, started hitting the peak of his career a few years ago playing Elio Perlaman in Luca Guadagnino’s “Call me by your name” (2017), and he shows no signs to stop.

In the picture he shared on his Instagram account, he is wearing the iconic velvet coat and the chocolate-brown hat while standing behind a camera on set. The second image of the post, shows the actor’s hand reaching a small gift box emerging from the brass knob of Wonka’s cane. Chalamet comments on the picture saying “The suspense is terrible; I hope it will last” leaving all his fans hanging.

Apparently, the film Timothée is shooting represents a prequel of the iconic Roald Dahl’s masterpiece “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” focusing on the candy man’s early years. However, the plot is still being kept very secret and the prequel produced by Warner Bros. is set to be released in March 2023. The cast also stars Sally Hawkins, Olivia Coleman, Jim Carter and Rowan Atkinson directed by “Paddington”s director Paul King.

We definitely can’t wait to know more about this upcoming film!


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