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Tom Cruise is Going to Become a First Civilian to Do a Spacewalk Outside Space?

The name of this movie is kept a secret. Universal Pictures says it will take place on Earth until Cruise needs to "go up to space to save the day." Cruise's character is described as a "down-on-his-luck guy" who happens to be the only one who can save humanity. Well, we've heard it somewhere before.

According to Variety, the untitled movie has a production budget of $200 million, with Cruise earning a payday in the range of $30 million-$60 million for the project.

Not only will Cruise fly into space and shoot scenes aboard the International Space Station, but the hope is for the actor to actually perform a spacewalk. If it comes to be, Cruise would become the first civilian in history to perform a spacewalk outside the ISS.

But there is one "but". Last year, Russian actress Julia Peresild and filmmaker Klim Shipenko spent 12 days aboard the International Space Station working on the first feature film shot in space, with Peresild playing a doctor making an emergency house call in orbit. The movie called “The challenge” hasn't been published yet.


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