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Tom Cruise returns to Cannes after 30 years with Top Gun: Maverick!

When Cruise was young he started an education to become a priest. If he would have continued we might not have one of our most famous movie stars as of today. In the end Cruise started with acting and the rest is movie history.

In 1992 we saw Bille August win Palme d’Or for The Best Intentions, Pernilla August Best Actress in said movie and Tim Robbins Best Actor for The Player in Cannes.

Tom Cruise had just turned 30 in 1992 when he visited Cannes with the movie Far and Away. We could not have imagined how Cannes would develop since 1992, the development into one of the most glamorous events of the year when it comes to films, fashion and celebrities but also not how the career of Tom Cruise has skyrocketed since then. 2022 marks the return of Tom Cruise with what it seems like a sequel nobody wants to miss with Top Gun: Maverick together with an honorary Palme d’Or for his work within cinema and tv.

What we can say is that as much as Cannes goes hand in hand with films, glamour and celebrities we can say the same with Cannes and Tom Cruise.

Cannes Film Festival continues on until 28th of May and Cruise’s career marches on with Top Gun: Maverick and Mission Impossible.

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