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Tron 3 is now filming!

After 14 years following on from Tron: Legacy, the 3rd installment has now begun filming!

Tron 3

(Credits: Walt Disney Pictures)

The cyberpunk sci-fi film will follow on from the 2nd film with a whole new cast staring Jared Leto known for his work in Dallas Buyer Club and playing the Joker in suicide squad, with actress Greta Lee with Leto playing Ares. 

The 3rd installment was always planned with Disney, however, due to acquiring Star Wars in 2012, the Tron franchise got pushed back.

Jared Leto has commented saying that “the film is still on track”. After he was signed on to play the lead role. 

The film currently has no expected release date but with filming just beginning it can be expected for release in the next 1/2 years. 

/Kieron Loughran

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