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Unforgettable moments that made Oscars history

Now we say goodbye to the Oscars for another long year. Here’s a quick look back at some the most interesting moments of the prestigious awards ceremonies in recent memories. 

1. The discomfort on stage in 2017. 

The mistake of announcing La La Land as best film when the award had actually been assigned to Moonlight. Surely the disappointment on the one hand and the surprise and disbelief on the other will remain forever in the memory of most embarrassing moments at the Oscars.

2. The opening of a door in 2002. 

Halle Berry, as she said during her statuette acceptance speech, shared her victory with all her colleagues and all other black women who deserve to be recognised when she won the prize for Monsters Ball. Although it may seem strange, before that year no black woman had ever been awarded for the leading role. Sadly even today she remains the only one.

3. Naked man on stage. 

No, we are not talking about John Cena (who decided to announce the winners for the best costumes while wearing nothing) but rather to the strange event of fifty years ago. In 1974, a man (Robert Opel) burst nude upon the stage at the Oscars when Elizabeth Taylor was about to present the award for best film, shaping the memory of those present and of those watching the show from home. It is said that the artist had this activity in the "things to do at least once in a lifetime" but also that it was an act of criticism for the closed mentality of society, as he was an artist exponent of the community and of homosexual rights.

4. The unexpected slap. 

Well yes, this is much more in recent memory however, it will certainly be a few years before people stop making jokes to remember that moment of general shock. As we probably all know, it was Will Smith who, to defend his wife from a tasteless joke made by his friend Chris Rock during his moment as presenter, got up and went on stage to then slap the other actor who, despite being a little upset, managed to joke about it and make the attack seem like a piece of pre-organized theater.


Sophia Loren's announcement for the triumph of her fellow countryman. One of the most iconic and bizarre reactions wherein the actor, Roberto Benigni, made his way towards the stage by walking on the seats of other celebrities and then starring hopping ecstatically up the steps to claim his prize. 1999 truly was his year. In fact, he also won the award for leading actor, thus becoming the first actor to win the award for a performance not in English.

In addition to these we have Jennifer Lawrence, who fell on the stairs due to agitation; Cloe Zhao, who broke records for being the first Asian director to win; Adrien Brody, who when arriving on stage passionately kissed presenter Halle Berry and finally, the wonderful and greatly missed Heath Ledger, who won the award posthumously for his unforgettable performance as Joker.

Written by Olga Raimondo

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